SMART INSPECTOR - AIS Metal analysis

The SMART INSPECTOR is a technological platform from Picosens GmbH. 

This universal measuring instrument which is based on the AIS-Technology, has a diverse range of industrial applications. 

The detection of the inter-crystalline-corrosion of metals, coating/zinc thickness detection or quality control in the metallurgy name only a few.                              


  • A universal measuring system for a diverse range of applications

  • "Zero-Signal" evaluation of the measured values

  • Complex vector analysis

  • One measuring system, one Coil, one electronic

  • Large sensitivity scale

The SMART INSPECTOR offers the highest accuracy in the smallest form


  • Explicit identification of metals in the quality control

    Particularly in the metal processing industry (milling services, etc.) the quality control testing of incoming material for constant metal quality is of great importance. Scrap metal sorting in the recycling industry using this measuring principle could be an interesting and economical application.

  • Coating thickness measurement with metal identification

    All metals are positively identified and displayed - The additional knowledge of the type of metal, the coating thickness determination therefore independent of the metal (Vector Analysis).
    - No calibration on metal sample required
    - No calibration gauge required

  • Material Independent hairline crack detection with metal identification

    Based on our AIS-Technology, we have developed a Weld Seam sensor that performs destruction free quality inspection of welded seams by use of Signature and Vector Analysis. Contrary to typical sensors, where the gap between sensor and material must be precisely maintained, our sensor operates independent of distance to seam.

  • Material independent detection of welding additives

    Based on the material analysis of a ferrous welded joint, checks which additive was used (for example, SG2, SG3).

  • Small, compact and mobile

    Incoming good quality control, material identification, coating thickness measurement



  • App for Smartphone or Tablet PC

    The SMART INSPECTOR App customer specific configured. Our research has identified hundreds of materials and alloys...


    Smartphone App. Material identification display


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