AIS Technology

AIS - Analysis of Impedance Signature

With the AIS Technology, Picosens has developed an innovative new measuring principle for sensor applications. This universal measuring system can depending on its configuration be used for either inductive or capacitive applications in either single or muli-channel processes, differential or absolute formats. The restrictions of typical measuring processes do even appear with the AIS system.

In typical measuring processes, small analog signals are amplified and evaluated. This means that manufacturing tolerances and temperature influences need to be handled, which leads to complicated and expensive mechanical and electrical calibrations to the system.                              

AIS turns the classical principles around: Very large digital signals are linearly reduced and sent to the sensor. The mostly small sensor signals are therefore reduced and compensated to zero. This so called zero signal processing is reflected within the parameters of the sensor automatically. Variations in the production tolerances of for instance inductive sensor coils have no effect on the dynamic regulation anymore.

These evaluated digital values when handled with complex vector analysis can show significantly more information as with the current stand of the technic.

AIS Technology can replace all existing sensor signal evaluation methods

Applications fields for the AIS Technology: 

  • Proximity detectionn

  • Induktive or capacitive Sensoric

  • Metal analysis

  • Position detection

  • Rotational detection

  • Angle detection

  • Fluid flow sensoric

  • Wall moisture level detection

  • Wallscanner with Object analysis

  • Double sheet detection

  • Liquid level measurement of diverse mediums

  • Metal detector with Object analysis


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    Coating thickness
    Matl. differentiation
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