OPTO-ID -Infrared data communication

OPTO-ID is an Infrared data communication technology for the positive identification of personnel, vehicles and objects.

In both the automatic process industry and in the everyday business world, the positive identification of personnel, vehicles and objects is winning ever greater interest.

Access Control and parking management are today are important integrated components in any complete security conception.

The challenges, to highten the security standards of companies, to optimize operational proceedures and to increase hygeine standards, these requirements can all be easily solved by OPTO-ID.


  • Long range identification with service free Transponders

  • Metal environments have no influence on the system

  • Directed data communication - Direct line of sight is required

  • Hands Free system

  • Simple integration into existing systems via standard interface

  • Versatile application range

  • Security in combination with the highest comfort

For further informationen visit our OPTO-ID Website:   www.opto-id.com


Thanks to OPTO-ID Infrared Technology a Hands Free Identification in P-ID is made possible, and this is all without a users active involvement. 

On nearing a door controlled by P-ID, and after the system has given authorization, access is granted and the door will open.

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CAR-ID enables Access Contro for vehicles using Infrared Technology.

This system impresses with its long range of up to 6 meters. Because a direct line sight is required to communicate, vehicles simply driving by will not be registered.                      

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With the help of Infrared Object Identification CARGO-ID logistical and process operations can be optimized.

Irrespective of application in vehicle access control or container tracking or when used for the simplification of warehouse logistics - CARGO-ID provides a flexible and versatile solution.

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