The Quantenkey - Quantum physical solid body cryptography


    In this elegantly formed rod a local transformation of the crystal lattice structure has been made, this enables more than 900 billion combination possibilities. 

    Every single manufactured Quantum Key is therefore unique.

No visible or tangible coding - completely RF Free, and no electronic 
- Absolutely espionage proof

Perceived security in the hand

The Quantenkey stands out particularly because of its ergonomic design and comfortable form, a form without corners or edges !

Thanks to the specially developed encryption process, the code lays deep inside the metal and is practically indestructable, the coding is as a result so robust that even heavy mechanical damage, EMC exposure or strong magnetic fields have no influence on the readability of the Key.

Schematic of security

The Reader Unit can communicate with any typical lock unit using encrypted data transmission

The Quantenkey

Security feature in the Key! The coding is created by a transformation of a locally defined area of the lattice structure, resulting in a changed anistropy, and is therefore irreversibly written in the metal. 

Changing the code at a later time is not possible. 

Reader Unit: High security applications

A further feature of this Reader Unit is the Parallel Code entry. Through turning the Quantenkey an additional PIN number can be entered ( length of PIN is open) in order to offer the highest possible security.

Applications Fields: Safes, Deposit systems, Banks etc.

Reader Unit: Entrance and Access Control Systems

Reader Unit for Access Control systems without Parallel Code Entry. 

To open or close a lock a simple insertion of the key is all that is required, however if required, a classical turn function of a typical key can be simulated. The Quantum Key can therefore be turned in an appropriate direction to actively instigate an open and close function.

Application Fields: Residential and Access control systems.

"Heavily damaged" Quantenkey

The coding is so robust that even heavy mechanical damage, EMC exposure or strong magnetic fields have no influence on the readability of the Key. 

Artificially „aged„ Quantum Key, despite massive damage, still fully functional.

The Quantum Key and reader unit is currently being developed towards serial production and is expected tob e available in the near future.

The development and production of the Quantum Key, based on quantum physical solid body cryptography, and the reader unit are undertaked by the Picosens GmbH in Bühl, Baden-Württemberg.

Picosens GmbH is interested in collaborating with strategic cooperation partners.

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