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About Us

Picosens GmbH is an innovative company the area of electronic located in Bühl. As an innovative think tank we combine fundamental research and serial development under one roof. Here to counts the technical implementation of our ideas and visions towards our daily business as much as the creation the associated Patents.                 

This is how our young team of innovative engineers developed the Long Range Identification System OPTO-ID to serial production. A further innovative new development of our company is the Quantenkey, which comprises a solid stainless steel body that contains a neither touchable nor visible code, This quanten physical coded key presents an alternative to RFID and has been developed to be the locking system of the future.                

Besides the above detailed “Quantum key”, our other core competencies are in the invention and implementation of ideas and technologies for capacitive, inductive and optical sensors. Our measuring systems like the AIS Technology (Analysis of Impedance Signature), offer a completely new scope to sensor applications. We offer our licensees if they wish, full development support right up to series production. With the wireless-free long range identification technology OPTO-ID, we have already successfully established a product portfolio in the market place.

Picosens GmbH which employs around 24 people in Bühl/Baden is headed by Dr. Andreas Wille as Managing Director and the Technical Manager and inventor Gerd Reime.  

Our fields of activity are as follows:

  • Development of our own product ideas with patents and licensing

  • Development and sales of own products like the OPTO-ID – the Long Range Identification for personnel, Vehicles and Objects

  • Development support by customers, as long as the implemented technology is free or licensed by the customer


Picosens wurde 2007 als Tochtergesellschaft der ebenfalls in Bühl ansässigen Reime GmbH gegründet. Dort wurden im Laufe der letzten 20 Jahre zum Teil die Grundlagentechnologien entwickelt, auf denen die Picosens seine Aktivitäten aufbaut. 

  • 1994 - Establishment of Reime GmbH

  • 1994 - Development of the HALIOS® Technology

  • 1995 - Development and implementation of the HALIOS® Automotive Rain sensor

  • 1996 - Licensing of the HALIOS® Basis technology to ELMOS Semiconductor AG for the manufacture of the HALIOS® ASICs

  • 2001 - Implementation of HALIOS® in the lane assistance system AFIL

  • 2004 - Development of the extraneous light independent distance sensor on the basis of light duration by Reime GmbH

  • 2007 -  Establishment of Picosens GmbH

  • 2008 - Development of the INFAN-Technology

  • 2009 - Development of the TFS-Technology

  • 2010 - Development of the OPTO-ID-Technology

  • 2012 - Commercial launch of OPTO-ID

  • 2013 - Development of the AIS-Technology

  • 2014 - Development of the quanten physical solid body cryptography

  • 2015 - Move into new company premises

  • 2016 - Further Development of the Quantenkey technology


  1. YouTube Channel
  2. Quantenkey Website
  3. OPTO-ID Website
  4. MTC Pocket Pro
  5. News


Picosens GmbH
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Company management

With around 22 employees we research and develop extraordinary sensors for industry. 

Image:Picosens director and owner Mr Gerd Reime.

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