Nov 22
Picosens Gebäude

Architecture award from the BDA: A “Hugo” for our company building

Not only are our ideas and inventions excellent! We are very happy and we are very proud to research and work in an “award winning” office building. We congratulate our managing director Gerd Reime as the client and the team of architects Peter W. Schmidt for the award of the “Hugo-Häring-Preises” by the Bund Deutscher Architekten (Association of German Architects).

And this is what the Association of German Architects said about our company building: “The research building is one of the few successful buildings in the large Bühler industrial area, considering the usual unpretentious and banal buildings. The two-storey cube with its characteristic brickwork sets an important urban development accent in the undeveloped surroundings. The building is accessed through the light-flooded foyer, which forms the ideal center of the innovative think tank as a place of communication. The floor plan of the house is clearly structured. On both sides of the foyer are offices and laboratories, which offer the employees beautiful views of the Black Forest and the Rhine plain.”

The architect Peter W. Schmidt, architect of the Picosens Building, is a student of the British Pritzker Prize winner James Stirling, whose master class he completed at the Düsseldorf Art Academy from 1986 to 1989.

And the press says: “Peter W. Schmidt has achieved a great success with this cooperation and interplay with the client Gerd Reime in Bühl. He sets an exclamation point in the Bußmatten industrial area, which one would also wish from other investors instead of them building faceless metal boxes. Then “non-places” could become “places” where people like to work.”

We can only agree with that: we like to work here, not only because of the award winning building!

“The Picosens building is not really an industrial building in the traditional sense. There are no machines or consumer goods produced here. Company owner Gerd Reime is an inventor, so the basic structure of the building, with its laboratories, administrative staff offices, two conference rooms and a prototyping workshop, could be easily compared to a university institute. ”

Award: Architecture Award from the BDA: Research Building Picosens, Bühl

Architect: Peter W. Schmidt (Pforzheim)

Client: Reime GmbH