Feb 11
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Donation instead of Christmas gifts

Once again, this year we decided to give up Christmas presents to our customers. Since we all have almost everything we need, we wanted to support those who have almost nothing. We donated the amount that we usually create for Christmas gifts to our valued customers of the “Tafel Bühl”.

The “Tafeln” are the most important and well-known food rescuers in Germany. They collect surplus food and distribute it to needy people. Food distribution is the core business of the charity. As a donation-financed association, the association relies on support from all directions. This is how we ensure together that families with little money can also celebrate a wonderful Christmas.

With our donation, the urgently needed refrigerated counter in the shop area of ​​the association in Bühl is getting a little closer. Gerd Reime and the employees Andrea Riemann and Evi Seeger presented the check to Mrs. Renate Schneider, manager of “Tafel Bühl”. Mrs Schneider provided a tour of the premises. We were very impressed with the voluntary commitment of Tafel’s work here and know that our donation – has arrived exactly where it’s needed most.