Jun 15
Picosens Bienenretter Floricus

Become a bee rescuer!

In response, a substantial part of the proceeds from the sale of the Floricus at the “Bühler Leistungsschau” was invested in the rescue of bees in the spring. Our idea: To transform an area of ​​about 1000 square meters next to our office building from a grassy area into a blooming meadow for insects.

The Picosens Bee Meadow

According to the motto “Not just talk, but also action” we wanted to set with our action a positive sign for the improvement in the habitat of bees and other insects. During a visit of the Stadtwerke (town council) of Bühl on our stand during the “Buhler Leistungsschau”, Mr. Höche, Managing Director of Stadtwerke Bühl, was immediately inspired by this idea. By selling a large quantity of our popular Floricus to the Stadtwerke Bühl, we were able to put our idea into action.

And whoever cycled or walked in the summer through the Bußmatten no longer had to just look at the many monotonous cornfields, but could be astounded by the colourful field next to our company building. And when you came closer, you can hear it hum and buzz. An idea that we will surely implement again next year.

Picosens - Bienenretter werden - Unsere Blumenwiese