Nov 19
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Book presentation “2048 – A Real Utopia” to Mayor Hubert Schnurr

Fresh from the press, visionary Gerd Reime presents his new book “2048 – A Real Utopia” to Mayor Hubert Schnurr. “2048” gives an outlook on life, social structures and the technologies of the future.

In his first novel “2048” he sheds light on artificial intelligence and other future technologies from another angle. Entertaining and vivid, he points out the opportunities offered by the “AI” in the form of an incorruptible, transparent and omniscient force for the future of humanity. His book realistically reflects current developments and offers solutions and perspectives for a liveable and philanthropic technology-based future. “2048” is reading material and stimulation for people who do not want to stay in the “now”, but deal with the “morning”, the fun of thought experiments according to the motto: “What if and when …”, dealing with the unconditional basic income as well as dealing with autonomous driving, automatic face recognition, a philanthropic architecture and countless other small and large “utopias”.

About the novel “2048 – A Real Utopia”:

“When Leo Berger returns to Germany in 2048 after twenty-five years of involuntary imprisonment in a distant corner of the world, a completely different world awaits him. Countless technical advancements make everyday life easier for people, autonomous driving is a matter of course, and an unconditional basic income has become reality. Work is now defined differently, it’s fun and makes sense … With the help of his son’s family, Leo gets to know the new “typical” everyday life, which seems too good to be true. And indeed, soon Leo is confronted with “Bibi”, a charming virtual lady who seems to know everything about him, and who seems to direct not only the fortunes of Leo’s family, but to manage everything. Is Bibi the reality version of Orwell’s “Big Brother”? The power that the British writer described 100 years earlier in his novel 1984 as a vision of a terrible future in a totalitarian surveillance state? Or is this new world, as his son tries to explain to him, actually the result of the development of an artificial intelligence, in short called “brain”? Do people trust their lives to a machine? And is this “Brain” really so omniscient and so incorruptible? Are not the intentions of the seemingly sensitive “Brain” commands of a merciless power? Leo Berger makes his own experiences with Bibi and Artificial Intelligence …

About Gerd Reime:

Gerd Reime, born in 1956, lives in Bühl, Baden-Württemberg, and has been managing the company Picosens since 2007, the company is involved in the research and development of new technologies. Many of the inventions that have been made there in recent years are now a typical part of everyday life – and some of the innovative technologies currently under development will be addressed in this book. Gerd Reime is interested in the evolution of technology from its origins to the present day – and beyond into the future. His novel is a “well-founded vision of the future” as no unrealistic technical developments are predicted, but the only technologies of the present logically developed further. In addition, his book hopes that the time when the greed for profit and exploitation of human labour are among the basic principles of the economic performance that will soon come to an end. The term “intelligence” – often equated today with power and overreaching – will change. Our fear of a supposedly artificial intelligence, which makes us ever more dependent and helpless, surrenders us to unimaginable powers, is replaced by the development of a “real” artificial intelligence. Can it free us from human greed, lobbying and short-sighted decisions? Can the AI ​​find forward-looking, fair and just solutions for everyone – without producing winners and losers? KI will come, Gerd Reime is convinced, and it will be different than we imagine today – so let it be a surprise!

Image source: Ulrich Coenen/Acher- und Bühler Bote

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