Nov 26
Picosens - PicoDot Familie

PicoControl’s launch: Are you still switching or waving?

Contactless proximity switching!

New in our product portfolio you will find non-contact switches which allow you to control various elements in shop windows and buildings, smart installation within just a few minutes thanks to wireless communication. More about the different types and applications can be found here.

The new optical proximity switches from Picosens offer a significant increase in efficiency over all actual products in the market. The clever wireless switches can be used almost everywhere. An additional advantage is offered by both switches for hygiene through non-contact operation.

PicoDot – Switching comfort for everyone

The PicoDot is a wireless, universal proximity switch. The optical recognition enables non-contact switching and dimming. Just like that, without cabling. Inside and outside.

Sophisticated sensor technology reliably detects the approach of the hand through the front panel – even at a distance of 5 cm. And switches – or dims.

The energy required for detection is so low that the battery will last for over 20 years!

For renovations, the switch can be quickly and easily replaced and installed completely independent of electrical cables and quickly integrated into the overall system.


PicoVit – Switching through glass:

The PicoVit is a flexible, easy-to-install behind glass proximity switch. Suitable for showcases, shop windows, electric sliding doors and also behind thermal insulating glass.

The PicoVit makes a valuable contribution to hygiene in hospitals, laboratories, and in the food production or catering industry.

Application areas: Residential and office buildings, hospitals, retirement homes and other facilities with high standards of hygiene, shops, public buildings.

Picosens - PicoVit

Highlights PicoControls


Extremely long battery life

Plug-n-Play – fast, cable-less installation

Can be taught within seconds

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