Exceptional technologies made available to you


We invent new basic technologies in the field of future sensor technology for you.
Our focus: Inductive, capacitive and optical systems that offer unprecedented opportunities.
New is our idea, to offer you as a member of our PicoSearch-Allianz  all of our developed and patented basic technologies license-free for your own products.
Upon implementation of your innovative product, we can if required provide support with our PicoEngineering.
Product ideas from in-house, which are naturally based on our technologies, we offer directly under PicoProducts.


Our best engineers with the gift for “lateral thinking” and scientific research develop novel basic technologies for you.

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We bring you to your goal – from prototyping to final product development, we offer you a wide range of services.

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Designed just for you – High Tec for smart applications and cool designs. All our products can be found here.


Company History

Our enquiring mind and our pioneering spirit goes back to our founder Gerd Reime, who produced his first inventions during his apprenticeship. Even today, the core of Picosens is the drive to discover new things and to harness them in order to realize solutions to problems with unprecedented possibilities. A great many of our solutions are used in lots different products, some of which you may know from everyday use.


SENSOR TECHNOLOGY PIONEER – nearly 200 patents

Thanks to our outstanding team, numerous innovative technologies have been developed and patented over the past years. These patents are an indication of our active developer mentality. Our patent-based technology pool offers our customers a sustainable and unique selling point for their future products. We are already investing in the ideas, technologies and products of tomorrow with our future-oriented vision.

Picosens, Forschung, Entwicklung, Technik, Bühl, Gerd Reime
Picosens, Forschung, Entwicklung, Bühl, Mitarbeiter
Picosens, Bühl, Forschung, Mitarbeiter, Technik, Sensorik,
Piocsens, Gerd Reime, Bühl, Forschung, Entwicklung, Technologien