There are an infinite number of EnOcean® actuators in various designs (for example flush mounted) through which you can conncet a wide variety of devices and consumers. A list of all EnOcean® actuators that we have testet can be found here.

EltakoFSB61NP-230 VControl for roller shutters, internal and external blindsFlushwall
EltakoFSR61/8-24 V UCImpulse, relay switch (potential free)Flushwall
EltakoFSR61-230 VImpulse, relay switch (potential free)Flushwall
EltakoFSR61NP-230 VImpulse, relay switchFlushwall
EltakoFUA12-230 VUniversal wireless actuatorDIN Rail
EltakoFUD61NPN-230 VUniversal wireless actuatorFlushwall
Flextron300816-230 VMulti receiver, 1 channelFlushwall
Jäger Direkt563.0101 channel bridge for lighting controlSwitch
PehaD 451 FU-EBI O.T.1 channel receiverFlushwall
PehaD 4511 FU-EBIM STMains socket adaptorMains socket
ThermokonSTC-DO Blind 230 VReceiver for shutters and blindsFlushwall
ThermokonSTC-DO Light 230 V2 channel receiverFlushwall
Trio2sys100200681 channel receiver 16ADIN Rail
Trio2sys100200691 channel receiver 10ADIN Rail
Trio2sys100200712 channel reiver 5ADIN Rail
Trio2sys10020092Receiver with remote control and timerDIN Rail