The MS-One

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The MS-One is a robust, handy measurement device for non-destructive analysis and identification of metals and alloys. Due to the especially developed magneto-spectroscopic measurement principle the characteristics of metals can be detected, analyzed and visualized within a fraction of a second. The magneto-spectroscopy is based on the DFA technology. Next to high speed measurements it allows the MS-One highest precision and an impressively simple handling. Therefore, weld inspections, sorting tasks, identification and quality tests as well as many other analysis tasks can be executed more efficiently and reliable.

Accurate and super-fast

Distinct and within a fraction of a second available measurement results (due to the magneto-spectroscopic measurement principle based on the DFA Technology).

Cable free and waterproofed

Designed for the unlimited usage in rough environments.

Non-destructive and handy

Witthout harming the surfaces now also finished goods canbe measured unhesitatingly. The special product design also enables the accessibility of small surfaces.

Innovative and fully connected

The MS-One astonishes with an innovative operation that foregoes conventional mechanical buttons. The measurement results are visualized directly via a high-resolution display. Additionally, the MS-One allows to connect via Bluetooth to smartphones and further Bluetooth-enabled devices, which enables to display, document and further process the measurement results.

Define your metal database, visualize the measurement results and create protocols – everything via your smartphone.

Picosens, Metallidentifkation, DFA, Messtechnik, Forschung, Technologie

Applications fields

Picosens, DFA, Metallindentifkation,
  • Material analysis
  • Hairline crack detection
  • Coating thickness
  • Conductivity measurement
  • Weld inspection
  • Material hardening
  • Duplex measurement (e.g., zinc thickness on steel – under the painting)
  • Multilayer analysis (up to four different metals in a stack)
  • Metal foil thickness
  • Surface roughness
  • Detection of hidden inclusions or cavities in metal
  • Measurement of mechanical forces in metals and metal fatigue
  • Analysis of crystal lattice structure

The measurement principle of the MS-One is based on our DFA technology. Learn more about the potential of the DFA technology and areas of usage and further application fields.

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