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Pioneering technologies and our own products as a reflection of our extensive know-how – we are still developing our own products. The results from these knowledge are always channelled into our own developments, which we can offer to our project customers – but also private users. We keep coming up with ideas we are enthusiastic about. So we not only design them down to the last detail, but also manufacture and sell them as our own products. Our products enable innovations in a wide variety of industries and applications.

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Measuring and analysis equipment

You will find here an extremely high-impedance active probe for general laboratory works as well as novel measuring principles. PicoSearch has been successfully researching for many years, especially in the field of non-destructive identification of metals and alloys. Our metal detectors MTC PROFESSIONAL and the Floricus are also among the innovations in the field of measuring technology.

Building management

Switching was yesterday. “Waving” is today! More comfort and flexibility in buildings by using wireless proximity sensors. In no time at all, the proximity sensors PicoVit, PicoDot and PicoClick are at the desired location. No time-consuming installation is required, and they switch and dim any consumption: wireless, maintenance-free and super flexible.

Security and access systems

Solutions for every door and every security requirement. The Quantenkey system combines high comfort and design with maximum security. Whether one door or hundreds of doors, even distributed over several objects. Our multi-talented OPTO-ID – infrared wide range identification for persons, vehicles and objects – offers you contactless identification with a strong range.

Security and access system: The Quantenkey system

Picosens, Quantenkey

Quantenkey – Safest key in the world

The Quantenkey represents absolute readout protection, an unbelievable coding depth with approx. 900 billion code combinations, robustness and high flexibility as well as user friendliness. Your very personal identification. With its high-quality stainless steel body in a minimalistic design, the Quantenkey fits comfortably into your hand.

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Picosens Quantenkey - Leseeinheit Zutrittskontrolle

Reading unit access

Being flexible – stress-free handling and easy configuration. Access control for single doors from single-family homes to large buildings. Whether at home or in the office. The Quantenkey system allows you to respond dynamically to your situation and thus offers you the right security concept. User-friendly and everything under control at all times.

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Picosens Quantenkey Leseeinheit Codeeingabe

Reading unit high security

One solution, many fields of application. An additional security feature of this reading unit is the parallel code input with the Quantenkey. By rotating the Quantenkey, an additional numerical entry is made to ensure you the highest possible level of security. The PIN length of the number entry can be freely selected from 4 to 10 digits.

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Picosens, Quna

Safe Systems – Safer than the safe

This special high-security locking system and the additional numerical code protects your safe from unauthorized access several times. But not only your safe, because this “HighSec-System” can also be used in any security-relevant area.

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Building Management: The PicoControl family

Picosens, PicoDot, Annäherungsschalter, kabellos


Are you still switching or are you already “waving”? The PicoDot allows you to control all possible devices and appliances within a radio range of 30 meters simply by “wiping” or “approaching” them with your hand. You easily connect them via EnOcean® actuators.

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Picosen, PicoDot, HolzEdition, Annäherungsschalter

PicoDot Edition: Wood

The PicoDot Edition: Wood refines the high functionality of our optical proximity switches in modern wood design. The high-quality manufactured PicoDot in Edition: Wood enables contactless control (switching and dimming) of appliances such as lights and various devices.

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Picosens, PicoVit, Annäherung,


The PicoVit is a wireless, flexible proximity switch that can detect through glass and even thermal insulation glass. Contactless switching and dimming of actuators and optimal suited for use in shop windows and showcases. But also for sliding doors or glass doors in the private home.

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Picosens, PicoControls, PicoVit, PicoDot, PicoClick, Annäherungsschalter


The clever optical proximity switches are also available in the form of conventional switches. It offers contactless switching, is environmentally friendly and maintenance-free like all products of the PicoControls family. As well as a fast & wireless installation, that can be learned within seconds.

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Measuring and analysis equipment: Metal detectors

Picosens, MTC PROFESSIONAL, Metalldetektor, Schatzsuche


Highly sensitive metal detector with unconventional sensor concept for long ranges and outstanding sensitivity in a highly miniaturized design. With universal mount for linkage and any support rods.

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Picosnes, MTC PROFESSIONAL. Metallsucher


The MTC PROFESSIONAL WS corresponds to the MTC PROFESSIONAL. It further minimizes weight and luggage by eliminating the need to carry special poles. Thanks to its special holder for trekking poles with screwed-in tips.

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Measuring and analysis equipment: Floricus

Picosens, Floricus, Pflanzenretter, Gießhilfe, Feuchtigkeitsmesser

The plant rescuer

Perfect moisture monitoring in three color variants, depending on the watering method of your plants. The Floricus indicates actively and discreetly by its LED’s whether your plant really needs water or not. Just by passing by within a few meters. If a plant is thirsty, the Floricus flashes red to draw attention for the plant.

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Security and access system solution: Infrared data communication

Picosens - Opto-ID - P-ID SchemaFunktionsschema

OPTO-ID – infrared data communication

Contactless identification with strong range. The all-rounder for (almost) every application! The radio-free identification technology uses a novel approach to achieve wide-range recognition of people, vehicles and objects.

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Picosens - Opto-ID - P-ID Transmitter


The “Handsfree access system” for more access comfort and time saving with maintenance-free transponders. The small transponders allows comfortable freehand use and are worn as clothes-friendly name tags.

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Picosens - OptoID - CarID Sender


Fully automatic vehicle identification without the cumbersome opening of the window and searching for the transponders. These are safely placed behind the windshield. This makes it easy to identify vehicles and prevents unauthorized driving and parking.

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Picosens - OptoID - Cargo-ID Sender


CARGO-ID object identification can be used to optimize production and logistics processes. Whether used for container tracking or for simplifying warehouse management – with CARGO-ID versatile applications are possible. Especially in harsh industrial and metallic environments with special requirements.

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Picosens - Opto-ID - P-ID

Wide range readers for P-ID

For the realization of the P-ID system, wide-range readers are used in combination with the solar-powered transponders. Wide-range readers AP 2, APX 2 and UP 1 are characterized by their very large reading range and simultaneously small size. The UP 1 can be installed conveniently in DIN flush-mounted boxes.

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Picosens - Opto-ID - BOX1_Picosens_OPTO-ID_Leseeineit_optische Transponder_Identifikation_Zutrittskontrolle_ Zutrittssystem

Readers for CAR-ID und CARGO-ID

The CAR-ID system is implemented using wide-range readers BOX1 and STACK1 in combination with the solar-powered transponder. The BOX 1 wide-range reader can be installed flexibly in front of any access road and also easily on metal. The STACK 1 is characterized by its attractive design and the large display.

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Measurement and analysis equipment: High impedance probe

Picosens_Hochimpedanz Tastkopf II

The high-impedance probe is an ideal tool for your laboratory – an active and extremely high-impedance probe. With a peak-to-peak current consumption of less than 0.3 pA (0 –5 V), it does not stress the circuit during the measurement process. These probes have become an indispensable must in the development of power-saving circuits.

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Picosens Quantenkey
Picosens, Floricus, Gießhilfe, Feuchtigkeitsüberwachung, Pflanzen