OPTO-ID – Infrared data communcation


Non-contact identification with a long range

The all-rounder for (almost) every application! Distributed locations, hospitals, metalworking companies – the application knows no limits.

The wireless identification technology uses a novel approach to this, in order to realize a long-range detection of people, vehicles and objects, this long-range identification uses Infrared!

Since OPTO-ID is a license-free infrared technology, the technology can be used in EMC-critical areas, for example in aircraft, on ships, in production areas or hospitals.

In contrast to radio-based long-range identification solutions (RFID and UHF), the infrared interface requires a line of sight to read the transponder. This allows the reading area to be explicitly defined.

With the exception of CARGO-ID, here we offer a battery powered transponder. The infrared data communication technology has a darkness power reserve of three months. Despite the long range, the high-quality readers are characterized by their small size and robustness.

Furthermore, they are scalable and can be customized to suit the environment. Quick and easy integration into existing access control systems is also guaranteed.

OPTO-ID: The wireless-free long-range identification


No need for interactive actions, as soon as you approach, you will be automatically recognized and given access. This gives you accessibility comfort and time savings.


Non-contact identification with a long-range of up to 10 meters. Interference between the readers can also be ruled out because they are wireless-free and not influenced by metal environments.


For vehicles in the area of park management, for persons in the area of access control and, for example, for visitor control and also for object identification. Integration into existing systems is very easy.

P-ID: accessibility comfort and time savings through hands-free system for personnel

The small transponders enable a comfortable hands-free access and are worn as name badges. P-ID – the person identification on OPTO-ID basis does not require any active handling.

As you approach a door, you will be automatically recognized and will gain access if you have a positive authorization. The transponder has a transmission angle of 30 °. The detection angle of the P-ID long-range readers is 85 °.

The transponder reading range is adjustable and can be up to 6m for the P-ID system. Detection of up to 10 transponders simultaneously is possible. A very clear distinction between the person to be identified in front of the door and people in the neighbouring room is possible. Installing the readers at a recommended installation height of 120cm is extremely easy.

Realization of the system

To realize the P-ID system, long-range readers are used in combination with the solar-powered transponder. Long-range readers AP 2, APX 2 and UP 1 are characterized by their very long reading range and small size. The UP 1 can be conveniently installed in DIN flush-mounted enclosures. Mounting directly on metal is also possible without any loss of performance.

Technical specifications

We will gladly provide you with the technical data or data sheets.

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Picosens - OptoID - PID Sender
Picosens - OptoID - CarID Sender

CAR-ID: The fully automatic vehicle identification

The access control system CAR-ID eliminates the cumbersome opening of the car window and searching for the transponders. The CAR-ID transponders are mounted safely behind the windshield. This makes it easy to identify vehicles fully conveniently, automatically and accurately, preventing unauthorized access and parking.

Due to the defined targeted line of sight, no passing vehicles will be detected by the CAR-ID reader. The system convinces with its long range of up to 6 meters. Particularly in access situations where for example, passing vehicles are not to be detected, the line of sight offers a clear advantage!

The maintenance-free transponders have a two-month darkness power reserve and are conveniently placed behind the windscreen in the vehicle interior. Even with toned windscreens, a fully automatic detection is ensured through the screen.

Realization of the system

For the realization of the CAR-ID system, long-range readers are used in combination with the solar-powered CAR-ID transponder. The long-range readers BOX1 and STACK 1 are characterized by their very large reading range and wide reception area.

The long-range reader BOX 1 can be flexibly installed at every access and also problem-free on metal.

The STACK 1 is characterized by its form, design and its large display.

Technical specifications

We will gladly provide you with the technical data or data sheets.

Just send us an inquiry and we will be happy to help you.

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CARGO-ID: Identification of objects in logistics and industry

With the aid of the infrared object identification CARGO-ID, production and logistics processes can be optimized. Whether used as an access control for commercial vehicles, for container tracking or to simplify warehouse management – with CARGO-ID, versatile applications are possible. Rough industrial and metallic environments have their own special demands.

Therefore, all processes in the monitoring and execution of the metal disposal process can be monitored, starting with the scrap disposal up to the weighing technology and the entrance and exit of the plant. With its very robust transponders and long-range readers, CARGO-ID offers a system that offers a range of 10m without loss of performance in these environments. The battery-powered transponder is characterized by its long range of 10 meters. The exceptionally low energy consumption allows a battery life of about 8 years.

In addition, the transponder is equipped with a battery warning indicator. The placement of the transponder depends on the object to be identified. Again, the transponder is automatically read as soon as there is a line of sight to the reader.

Realization of the system

For the implementation of the CARGO-ID system, the long-range reader BOX 1 is used in combination with the battery-powered transponder. The detection range of the CARGO-ID transponder in combination with the reader BOX 1 is up to 10 meters and has a transmission beam angle of 30 degrees.

Technical specifications

We will gladly provide you with the technical data or data sheets.

Just send us an inquiry and we will be happy to help you.

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Installation Partner Network –

We attach great importance to quality.

In order to meet our high-quality standards and to offer you the best possible service, we have set up a network of partners who are specifically trained to install the OPTO-ID system.

Our cooperation partners for OPTO-ID installations:

Interflex Allegion


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