As a source for ideas and inspiration, our know-how allows us to create new products based on our own technologies – and also for your leisure time and home.

The MTC PROFESSIONAL, a compact new generation metal detector for your free time. A new generation of outdoor detection technology that are smaller, more compact and barely perceptible as metal detectors. With a smartphone as a control center and our MTC PROFESSIONAL USER App you get a compact and universally adaptable device.


A compact metal detector of the new generation

The newly developed sensor concept with object identification in combination with wireless communication, the MTC PROFESSIONAL leads the way.

High Tech Sensoric

The inductive sensor technology of the MTC PROFESSIONAL not only impresses with its small size and sensitivity.

Easy handling

Two control buttons are sufficient for on / off switching, ground or material discrimination, new calibration and sensitivity adjustment.


Compact Design

So small, it fits in every glove box or in your pocket. You can take your MTC PROFESSIONAL everywhere.



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Metal detector with high-tech sensorics

The MTC PROFESSIONAL is a metal detector with an professional sensor concept, which achieves a high range and a remarkable sensitivity in a highly miniaturized design.

The new technology of the MTC PROFESSIONAL makes it possible to visualize hidden objects with find identification. Worthless objects no longer need to be dug up. The Smartphone App MTC PROFESSIONAL USER App enables searching for specific materials or objects. Just this purpose, the integrated “Target Signature Detection” is used. The user has many other functions available – with or without a smartphone.

An essential component is the VENTUS coil system and the AIS electronics developed specifically for this purpose. The special feature of the VENTUS search coil compared to commercially available metal detectors is the common symmetry axis of the transmitted and received magnetic field with simultaneous inductive decoupling. This effective coil principle leads to significantly greater depths.

A high-performance Nano-Edge processor used here for signal processing calculates the AIS algorithms and controls the hardware and the Bluetooth communication. In stand-alone mode, a found object is signalled optically and acoustically. In professional operation with the Smartphone App, MTC PROFESSIONAL USER App, the full range of services and options including an expert mode are available.

Use the MTC PROFESSIONAL Metal Detector in combination with the free MTC PROFESSIONAL USER App to get the full spectrum of features and options.

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In order to meet our high quality standards and to offer you the best possible service, we have built up a network of partners. At this point we would like to introduce our partner company for the MTC PROFESSIONAL, which we can recommend for orders and questions round about the MTC PROFESSIONAL without reservation.

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We are especially pleased to introduce here our MTC distrubution partner for the Chinese market. SHAANXI FANGKUAI MATERIALS CO. LTD will be taking care for China customers beginning immediately. With SHAANXI FANGKUAI MATERIALS we did find a new and strong partner for the introduction and sales of our MTC PROFESSIONAL on the Chinese market.

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The perfect moisture meter

Everyone knows the problem: Either you water your plants too much or too little. Our solution is called: Floricus. The Floricus is suitable for plants both indoors and outdoors, a moisture indicator for the optimal irrigation of your plants. The Floricus actively but discreetly signals through its LEDs when you pass within a few meters whether your plant really needs water or not.

Environmentally friendly

No battery! The energy supply of the Floricus is a solar cell.


A capacitor serves as energy storage, therefore unlimited life expectancy.


Overnight, the brightness of the LED display decreases.

The Floricus for the optimal watering of your plants

Are you sure your plants get water when they really need it? Too much water is the most common cause of death for indoor plants. The Floricus actively reminds you when your plant needs to be watered and helps to keep track of the watering needs of your plants. And all that without a battery, because the energy supply of the clever plant guardian is a solar cell.

Thanks to the innovative, solar-powered electronic sensor, the moisture of the plant soil or plant granulate is measured directly in the pot. The operation is very easy: just put the stick carefully in the plant soil or granulate, press the soil down a little and add water. This small, environmentally friendly watering aid works in bright sunlight as well as in partial shade or in a darkened environment.

The Floricus is coated with marine lacquer and is therefore ideally suited for all plants and flowers both indoors and outdoors. The moisture level is indicated by a three-second delayed, dimly lit LED indicator:

Flashing green: Enough Moisture
Flashing red-green: Your plant wants to be watered
Flashing red: Be sure to water soon

You can roughly divide the water requirement of plants into 3 categories.

Wet: The earth should always be moist.
Moist: The earth may be temporarily dry.
Dry: The earth can be dry for a longer time.

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That’s why the Floricus comes in three variants – depending on the plant and irrigation requirement of your plants:

Picosens - Floricus red

Floricus red

For plants that are kept dry and need little water.

Picosens - Floricus green

Floricus green

For all plants that should be watered regularly.

Picosens - Floricus blue

Floricus blue

Plants that need a lot of water. The plant soil should always be moist.

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All our products can be experienced, tested and bought at our Bühler cooperation partner “gecco”. According to the motto: “Regional products, regional business partners and regional goals”!

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We are pleased that our “plant rescuer”, the Floricus, is also available in Switzerland and would like to introduce our distribution partner for Switzerland.

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