Floricus – the proven solution for the reliable irrigation of your plants indoors and outdoors!

The Floricus is for the optimal irrigation for your plants – never watering not enough or too much! The Floricus actively but discreetly signals through its LEDs when you pass within a few meters whether your plant really needs water or not. The energy supply of the clever plant guardian is done with a solar cell.

The solar-powered electronic sensor measures the moisture of the plant soil or plant granules directly in the pot. This small, environmentally friendly watering aid works in bright sunlight as well as in partial shade or in a darkened environment.


  • 1 Floricus (red, green, blue*)
  • Operating instructions on the packaging

*The Floricus comes in three color variations – depending on the irrigation of your plants!

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The operation of the Floricus is very easy: First put the Floricus in the light until the LED starts to flash. The Floricus is ready now for use. Just put then the stick gently into the ground  just below under the solar module, press the soil down a little and add water. The Floricus indicates an immediate reaction through its sensitive behavior. The humidity value is displayed by a dimly lit LED display every three seconds.

  • Flashing green: Enough Moisture
  • Flashing red-green: Your plant wants to be watered
  • Flashing red: Be sure to water soon

After watering, the LED’s changes very quickly from “red” to “green”.

Clever! Overnight, the brightness of the LED display decreases.

The Floricus does not need a battery, because the energy supply of the smart plant keeper does a solar cell. As a result, the Floricus is almost infinitely ready and low maintenance.

The Floricus is coated with protective lacquer and therefore ideal for all types of plants and flowers indoors and outdoors.

You can roughly divide the water requirement of plants into 3 categories.

  • Wet: The earth should always be moist.
  • Moist: The earth may be temporarily dry.
  • Dry: The earth can be dry for a longer time.

That’s why the Floricus comes in three color variants – depending on the plant and irrigation type of your plants:

  • Floricus red: For plants that are kept dry and need little water.
  • Floricus green: For all plants that should be watered regularly.
  • Floricus blue: Plants that need a lot of water. The plant soil should always be kept moist.


WEEE-Nr.: DE48986370

Areas of Application

Are you sure your plants will always get water when they really need it? Probably every one of us has ever watered a plant too much or too little. The Floricus shows you whether your plants need to be watered or not and thus reliably prevents over- and underwatering of your plants.

The Floricus as a giveaway: On the solar field, the application of your company logo or company name is possible at an additional cost. You are welcome to talk with us.

Apply the Floricus wherever you need a targeted supply of your plants and enjoy a long-lasting plant growth.

Applications: Your plants in
• Ownership
• Office buildings
• Public buildings
• Department stores & shops
• Hotels
• …

Technical data
Dimensions:195 mm x 14 mm x 6.4 mm
Weight:11 g (without packaging)
Application:Plant soir / Plant granules

Please use the Floricus only for the intended use.

EU Declaration of Conformity

This product corresponds to:
• General Product Safety (2001/95 / EC)
• Environmentally sound design (2009/125 / EC)
• RoHS Directive (2011/65 / EU)

The Floricus needs no maintenance.

The electronics must be disposed of via one of the recovery points for household

Additional information

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