MTC PROFESSIONAL – miniaturized, high-precision metal detector


MTC PROFESSIONAL – miniaturized, high-precision metal detector

The MTC PROFESSIONAL is a metal detector with an unconventional sensor concept, which achieves a high range and a remarkable sensitivity in a highly miniaturized design. As a result, the MTC PROFESSIONAL guarantees the highest find quota and is the ideal companion for hard-to-reach search locations. Lightweight and flexibility, ideal features for searching in dense and overgrown locations is also ensured by its unique operating concept. In stand-alone mode, the MTC PROFESSIONAL signals both optically and acoustically to the operator. Two control buttons located directly on the detector provide for switching on and off, ground or material discrimination, recalibration, and sensitivity adjustment. Advanced features with intuitive graphical displays enable professional user operation using a Smartphone App that is available free of charge for Android devices.

Scope of delivery

  •  3x 1.5V alkaline batteries (type: AAA)
  •  Adaptor for various rods and shafts
  •  Operation manual
  • Protective case with handle

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  •  Highest detection sensitivity – distinct object detection with “non-motion” detection
  •  High ranges – highest find ratio of selectable objects
  •  Resistant to interference – wide application range
  •  Smallest design – maximum mobility and accessibility to the smallest detection areas
  •  Plug-n-Play – instant usability and easy operation in stand-alone mode
  •  Professional user App for Smartphones – graphical display of material recognition, countless analysis and setting options, save location using Google Maps

Highest search performance, comfort and flexibility – innovative, patented sensor concept. The MTC PROFESSIONAL utilizes the patented Ventus coil and AIS vector analysis technologies for the highest detection sensitivity in the smallest form factor. The special feature of the Ventus search coil when compared to commercially available metal detector coils is the common symmetry axis of the transmitted and received magnetic field with simultaneous inductive decoupling. This effective coil principle results in significantly higher detection ranges.

The AIS vector analysis is impressive with its distinct find identification, its remarkably super-fast reaction speed and its high-performance nano-edge processor for signal processing, from which you as a user benefit directly. As a result of the high detection frequency of 99.8 kHz, the MTC PROFESSIONAL achieves exceptional sensitivity in the area of precious metals. This sophisticated system utilizing “non-motion”, detection, its high sensitivity to small finds and its compact design is ideally suited for professional use in close exploratory excavations.

Efficient ground cancellation – Eliminate the influence of mineralized soils

Mineralized ground influences the display or result in low sensitivity. With the “ground cancellation” feature, the MTC PROFESSIONAL effectively excludes the influence of mineralized soils without altering the sensitivity to metal.

Individual setting of detection sensitivity

The sensitivity of the MTC PROFESSIONAL can be adapted to the individual circumstances of the environment. Furthermore, a setting for an extra strong reduction in sensitivity is available for special applications.


The MTC PROFESSIONAL calibrates itself in just 3 seconds to the metallic properties of its environment. If the MTC PROFESSIONAL is positioned so that fixed objects are in the detection area, these will be calibrated out respectively after 3 seconds. Environmental influences such as temperature fluctuations are constantly compensated for by the MTC PROFESSIONAL.

User-friendly operating concept

In stand-alone mode, two control buttons are sufficient to access the essential functions within seconds. A target object is signaled both optically and acoustically. In professional user mode using the MTC PROFESSIONAL USER App, the full range of services including an expert mode is available. Convenient and intuitive operation, material recognition graphic displays, advanced analysis and adjustment options provide a completely new search experience. The MTC PROFESSIONAL USER App is made available for free in the Google Play Store for Android Smartphones. MTC PROFESSIONAL connects easily and conveniently to your Smartphone using Bluetooth (BLE) to use the App.

Advanced features available in the MTC PROFESSIONAL USER App.

  • Object analysis by using “Target Signature Detection” as a vector display
  • Find identification by means of an “object probability” displa
  • Find display using an image
  • Find location storage using name, image and Google Maps marker
  • Infinitely variable adjustment of detection sensitivity
  • Configurable color representation for any type of metal

WEEE-Nr.: DE48986370

Metal detection in the field

The MTC PROFESSIONAL is great for finding gold, silver, bronze, copper and other precious metals that may be in the ground. The patented Ventus coil and the AIS vector analysis technologies provide the highest detection sensitivity without the need to “swing” the coil. Therefore, the MTC PROFESSIONAL is also ideal for professional use in confined exploratory excavations. Additionally, its high detection frequency of 99.8 kHz is optimized for the highest sensitivity in the area of precious metals and the function for ground cancellation very effectively eliminates the influence of mineralized soils without reducing the sensitivity to metal.

Stationary material analysis

Using the MTC PROFESSIONAL without ground cancellation, the MTC detects any type of metal and also the effect of mineralized objects (concrete, fired clay, …). By automatically adapting to its environment, it calibrates out metals that are constantly present in its environment after three seconds. This allows you to place the MTC PROFESSIONAL in a stationary position in order to analyze metal-containing materials using the analysis and graphic display options of the MTC PROFESSIONAL USER app.

Cables / pipe searching in walls

In the “extra reduced sensitivity” mode, the MTC PROFESSIONAL is even suitable for searching for cables and pipes in walls.


The MTC PROFESSIONAL USER App is available for Android devices on the Google Play Store for free. The MTC PROFESSIONAL can be connected to the Smartphone App via Bluetooth. The MTC PROFESSIONAL USER App is compatible with the metal detectors MTC PROFESSIONAL and MTC PROFESSIONAL WS. (If you own an MTC POCKET PRO, the MTC POCKET PRO App will still be available.)

MTC PROFESSIONAL USER App available in Google Play Store.

Rod or shaft adaptor

The MTC PROFESSIONAL is supplied with an adaptor for mounting rods or shafts and offers maximum flexibility. The mountable shaft holder allows the use of simple rods, shafts or handles with a diameter of 23 to 26 mm. At the same time, this mount allows the use of compatible universal telescopic poles.

Measuring principle:Ventus-coil technology with AIS vector analysis technology
Measuring frequency:99.8 kHz
Detection Feedback:Optical: 8-stage of bi-color LED array
Accoustic: integrated loudspeaker with clear signaling
Compatibility:Android version > 5.0
Radio communication: Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)
Radio frequency:2,402 to 2,480 GHz
Wireless range:Up to 5 m (depending on local conditions)
Max. Transmission power:0 dBm
Power supply *:3x 1.5V alkaline batteries (type: AAA)
Alternatively, you can use appropriate rechargeable batteries.
Power consumption:110 mA
Battery life *:> 8 h
* Battery capacity at least > 880 mAh
Ambient temperature range:-20 ° C to + 50 ° C
Protection class:IP40
Dimensions:195 mm x 130 mm x 50 mm (L x W x H)
Weight:224 g (including battery)

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