PicoBell -Touchless bell switch


PicoBell: Stay clean – do it touchless!

  •     Ringing without contact
  •     Set up and ready
  •     Range up to 100 m

The non-contact bell switch detects the approach of the hand at a distance of 20 cm. In this way, it immediately prevents the risk of smear infection without any effort.

The PicoBell is delievered with a wireless bell for the socket and a mobile wireless bell with a belt clip.


Supplied components

  • PicoBell as a display
  • PicoBell – non-contact bell switch
  • Batteries for transmitters and mobile receivers
  • Stand and assembly key

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  • Touchless bellPrevent transmission of viruses and bacteria, hygienically
  • Plug-n-Playquick installation without wiring, ready for use within minutes
  • Extremely low energy consumption – environmentally friendly, maintenance free
  • Extraneous light independent, robust, mobile, compatible – broad application field


Through a simple “wave “ or „approach” of the hand inside an area of around 20 cm distance control your bell with the PicoBell and thus enable your patients, visitors and employees to ring the bell without having to touch the bell and protect them from further infections.

The switch works without wiring, so he can also be used quickly in mobile emergency facilities.


Energy saving

The calculated life expectancy of the battery with a normal switching cycle of a typical light switch is approximately 70 years. That batteries today have approximately a 20-25 years physical life expectancy, means that the PicoBell will provide a maintenance free service for this duration.

A battery life expectancy to switching cycles comparison table can be found under the sub-menu “Technical Data “.


Extraneous light independence

The PicoBell that recognises a “wave” or “approach” of the hand, can also be operated in full sunlight, because the clever technology can regulate light up to 150,000Lux, which equates to 1.5 times direct sunlight.



The optical system is self-calibrating. Once the PicoBell is positioned, surrounding stationary objects will be automatically calibrated out inside 10 seconds, the PicoBell can then be used as normal. Dust and other infrared light invisible “layers” are also calibrated out.


WEEE-Nr.: DE48986370

Areas of Application

The PicoBell is intended for indoor use.

  • All public buildings
  • Town hallsHospitals
  • Medical practices
  • Emergency stations
  • Office building
  • Department stores & shops
  • Hotels
  • Kitchens & restaurants
  • All areas with high hygiene standards…

Applications example

The PicoBell is already in use in various installations:

  • Doctor’s offices
  • Town halls
  • Hospitals


The PicoBell and all other products from the PicoControls family are particularly suitable for retrofits, renovations and in listed buildings.

Technical Datasheet
PicoBell Transmitter unit
Reaction distance150 mm (Reference hand)
Detections feedbackOptical feedback via blinking green LEDs
Measurement principleRed light impulse reflection
Wave length: 630 nm, impulse cycles: 10 x per second
Extraneous light immunity*Up to 150.000 Lux (= 1,5-times sunlight)
*Full function even in direct sunlight
Wireless frequency433,92 MHz
Receiver channels256
Wireless communicationsUp to 100 m (depent on local enviroment conditions)
Power supply2 x 3 V cell battery (Typ: CR2032; 230 mA/h)
Battery life expectancy*100 switching cycles/day = 30 years
1000 switching cycles/day = 10 years
2000 switching cycles/day = 5 years
*We recommend quality batteries from well-known manufactures
Temperature range- 30° C bis + 85° C
Stationary receiver unit
Signal indicatorAcoustical, 8 melodies to choose
Optical via LED
Volumeca. 82 dB (A)
Wireless frequency433,92 MHz
Receiver channels256
Plug typeEuro plug Typ C
Power supply230 V - 50 Hz
Power consumption40 mA in operation
Temperature range5° C bis + 35° C
Mobile receiver unit
Signal indicatorAcoustical, 8 melodies to choose
Optical via LED
Volumeca. 82 dB (A)
Wireless frequency433,92 MHz
Receiver channels256
Power supply2 x 1,5 V LR6 / Mignon (AA)
Power consumption80 mA in operation
Temperature range5° C bis + 40° C
Total system
Dimensions0,33 x 144 cm
Weight5,7 kg

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