PicoDot Edition: Wood – EnOcean® Proximity switch & Eltako wireless actuator FSR61NP-230V – finished in wood

The PicoDot Edition:Wood refines the high functionality of our optical proximity switches in a modern wood design, which fits perfectly into a homely ambience. Combined with the Eltako wireless actuator FSR61NP-230V, an EnOcean® capable impulse switch for wall enclosures, you can control and switch electrical consumers (e.g. a wall light) with a simple “wave” or “approach” hand gesture.

The simple installation enables the connectivity of further EnOcean® compatible switches and sensors (max. 35) and offers various functions, like automatically switching off after a parametrized duration.

The wireless actuator can also be setup as a repeater which enables a greater range for the EnOcean® wireless network.

Supplied components

  • PicoDot Edition:Wood
    • PicoDot Edition:Wood– EnOcean® optical proximity switch
    • 3V button cell battery (Type: CR2032)
    • Adhesive pad for wall mounting
    • User and Operation Manuals
  • Wireless actuator
    • Eltako wireless actuator FSR61NP-230V
    • User and Operation Manuals
  • Quick Start Guide
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In Set:

  • Plug-n-Play – fast, wire-free installation
  • Contactless switching – Hands-free, hygienic, flexible
  • Extremely low energy consumption – energy efficient, environmentally friendly device
  • Compatible, multi-functional and maintenance-free – broad application field


Eltako wireless actuator, impulse switch FSR61NP-230V:

  • Low self-consumption (< 0,8 W) – energy efficient power adaptor
  • Repeater-function – Extend the wireless range of other EnOcean®-compatible products
  • Individual transmitter-parameters– individual functions for each transmitter
  • Variable operation modes – Relay switches, impulse switches, timers

After installation of the wireless actuator by a qualified electrician, the supplied PicoDot Edition:Wood and any other EnOcean® compatible switches or sensors (max 35) can be taught in, in seconds. An individual function can be selected for each transmitter. The following functions and operating modes can be selected:

PicoDot Edition:Wood functions

  • Universal switch
  • Central off
  • Central on

PicoDot Edition:Wood operation modes

  • Relay switch (with safety timer)
  • Impulse switch (also with continuous light function and or switch-off warning)

In addition, the actuator can be used with other compatible components for the following functions

  • Scene button
  • Directional switch

For example, after teaching the EnOcean® proximity switch PicoDot Edition:Wood, it can be used as a universal toggle switch, you can turn the consumer controlled by the actuator on and off by simply “waving” or “approaching” the switch with your hand, to do this, the actuator should be set to ESV mode and the lower rotary switch is set to ∞ (continuous). If a time value is set, you can also switch on the consumer by “waving” or “approaching” with your hand. However, the power supply to the connected load will be automatically switched off after the selected runtime has expired or interrupted by another hand gesture. A new “wave” or “approach” during the runtime switches the consumer either off again.

In addition to the Eltako wireless actuator FSR61NP-230V included in this set, there are a variety of other EnOcean® capable actuators in various designs (e.g. Smart Plugs for mains outlets) that you can teach and “dotten” with the PicoDotEdition:Wood. A few application examples, as well as information on the integration possibilities of the two products in existing EnOcean® alternative systems can be found under the “Compatibility” sub-menu.

WEEE-Nr.: DE48986370

Areas of application

The actuator is intended for indoor use only. It may only be installed by a qualified electrician, as otherwise there is a risk of fire or electric shock. Information on consumer loads can be found in the “Technical Data” sub-menu, amongst other things.

The PicoDot Edition:Wood can be used both with the Eltako FSR61NP-230V wireless actuator, and also in combination with other EnOcean compatible receivers in the following application areas:

  • Private houses & apartments
  • Office buildings
  • Department stores & shops
  • Public buildings
  • Hospitals
  • Hotels
  • Kitchens & Restaurants
  • Other areas with high hygiene standards

Application examples

The combination of the PicoDot Edition:Wood with the actuator is already used in various installations as a:

  • Light switch
  • Mains shut off switch
  • Presence detector


The PicoDot Edition:Wood together with the actuator and other products from the PicoControls family are particularly suitable for retrofits, renovations and in listed buildings.

Eltako wireless actuator FSR61NP-230V:

The actuator can control consumers in a 230 V network with a consumption of up to 2000 W. For more detailed information on the switching performance for halogen lamps, motors or other non-ohmic loads, please refer to the “Technical Data” sub-menu or the manual of the Eltako FSR61NP-230 V wireless actuator.

All proximity switches from the Picosens PicoControls series can be used to control the actuator. In addition, there are also numerous other EnOcean®-compatible switches and sensors that are compatible with the Eltako FSR61NP-230 V wireless actuator.

PicoDot Edition:Wood: EnOcean® Actuators

Below you will find an example list of EnOcean® actuators that you can use to switch different consumers and devices with the PicoDot Edition:Wood.
A list of all EnOcean® actuators that we have tested, including instructions for setting the function modes for learning the PicoDot, can be found at picosens.de/EnOcean.

EltakoFSB61NP-230 VControl for roller shutters, internal and external blindsFlush wall
EltakoFSR61/8-24V UCImpulse, relay switch (potential free)Flush wall
EltakoFSR61-230 VImpulse, relay switch (potential free)Flush wall
EltakoFSR61NP-230 VImpulse, relay switchFlush wall
EltakoFUA12-230 VUniversal wireless actuatorDIN Rail
EltakoFUD61NPN-230 VUniversal dimmer switchFlush wall
Flextron300816-230 VMulti receiver, 1 channelFlush wall
Jäger Direkt563.0101 channel bridge for lighting controlSwitch
PehaD 451 FU-EBI O.T.1 channel receiverFlush wall
PehaD 4511 FU-EBIM STMains socket adaptorMains Socket
ThermokonSTC-DO Blind 230 VReceiver for shutters and blindsFlush wall
ThermokonSTC-DO Light 230 V2 channel receiverFlush wall
Trio2sys100200681 channel receiver 16ADIN Rail
Trio2sys100200691 channel receiver 10ADIN Rail
Trio2sys100200712 channel receiver 5ADIN Rail
Trio2sys10020092Receiver with remote control and timerDIN Rail

Integration into existing systems

The actuator and also the PicoDot Edition:Wood can also be integrated into existing building control systems via so-called gateways. There are various gateways that translate EnOcean® communication into home automation systems such as KNX, DALI, … or other common bus systems such as USB. For the home automation area, EnOcean® over WLAN gateways are also interesting.

Technical Data: Eltako Funkaktor FSR61NP-230V

Technical data
Switching capacity according to load type:
Light bulbs2000W
Halogen lamps2000W
Fluorescent lamps500 – 1000 VA
Compact fluorescent lamps15 x 7W / 10 x 20W
Power supply:230 V~ / 50 Hz
Connection:Screw terminals
Self-consumption standby:<0,8 W (active power)
Wireless communication:EnOcean® Equipment Profiles (EEP: F6-01-01 and others)
Wireless frequency:868,3 MHz
Transmission power:max. 10mW
Wireless range:10 m - 30 m (depending on local conditions)
Temperature range:- 20 to + 50 °C
Storage temperature range:- 25 to + 75 °C
Dimensions:45 x 45 x 33 mm
Weight:36 g

Technical Data PicoDot

Technical Data
Reaction distance:120 mm (Reference hand)
Detection area: :See graphic below
Detections feedback:Optical feedback via blinking green LEDs
Measurement principle:Infrared impulse reflection
Wave length: 850nm, Impulse cycles: 10x per second
Extraneous light immunity:Up to 150.000 Lux (= 1.5 times sunlight)
*Full function even in direct sunlight
Wireless communication:EnOcean® Equipment Profile (EEP: F6-01-01)
Wireless frequency:868,3 MHz
Wireless range:Up to 30 m (dependent on local environment conditions)
Max. Output power:3 dBm
Power supply:3V button cell battery (Type: CR2032)
Power consumption:320 nA (in Standby Modus)
Battery life expectancy*:100 switching cycles/day = 30 years
1000 switching cycles/day = 10 years
2000 switching cycles/day = 5 years
*We recommend quality batteries from well-known manufacturers (Varta, Osram …)
Temperature range:- 20 °C to + 85 °C
Portection class:IP64
Dimensions:50mm x 18mm (Ø x H)
Weight:35g (incl. battery)

Detections range

Picosens - PicoDot Detectionsrange

Additional information

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