Non-contact switching

The PicoControls is a product family of clever solutions for controlling diverse devices and consumers. The proximity switches PicoDot and PicoVit, for example, enable non-contact switching of EnOcean® compatible products. Due to their extremely low power consumption, all products of the PicoControls family are wireless, virtually maintenance-free and super flexible.

New opportunities

Mobile switches, switching through glass and water, non-contact switching and dimming for hygiene-relevant areas. The versatility of PicoControls is a result of the application of new technologies.

Easy installation

No more wall channeling, stripping and plastering. The PicoControls are straightforward and quick to install and connect to each other.

Environmentally friendly

Extremely low energy consumption, cabling savings and a long service life characterize the low-maintenance PicoControls products.

The PicoDot – EnOcean® proximity switch

You want to control your light from the sofa? Imagine, you have a mobile proximity switch that you can place without any wiring, conveniently next to your sofa and switch by a simple “wave” or “approach” of your hand, switch and or dim your standard lamp – The PicoDot can do this and more.

By simply “waving” or “approaching” with your hand within a range of approx. 5cm range, you can use the PicoDot to control all possible devices and consumers within a wireless range of 30 meters, which you simply connect with EnOcean® actuators.

Application areas

The application possibilities of the PicoDot are endless. Residential and office buildings, shops, public buildings, hospitals and other facilities with high hygiene requirements.

Special features

  • Plug-n-Play – fast, wire free installation, connected in seconds
  • Contactless switching – Hands-Free, hygienic, …
  • Extremely low energy consumption – environmentally friendly, maintenance free
  • Extraneous light independent, robust, mobile, compatible – broad application field
Picosens - PicoDot
Picosens - PicoVit

The PicoVit – EnOcean® proximity switch

If you don’t have a light switch on your patio, or if you want to attach a switch to a glass partition, then the PicoVit is just the thing for you.

The PicoVit is a wireless, flexible proximity switch that can detect through glass and even thermo-insulated glass.  It enables the contactless switching and dimming of lighting and switchable plug sockets to name just a few applications.  Therefore, the PicoVit is ideal for applications in shop windows, vitrines and also sliding and glass doors in shops and at home.

Through a simple “wave“ or „approach” of the hand inside an area of around 15cm distance, the PicoVit can control all possible EnOcean® compatible actuators and their connected devices and consumers.

Application areas

The application possibilities are numerous behind glass surfaces: Interactive shop windows, openers for shop and sliding doors, as switches in public buildings and in particular facilities with particularly high hygiene requirements

Special features

  • Contactless switching through glass – Hands-Free, hygienic, flexible …
  • Plug-n-Play – fast, wire free installation, connected in seconds
  • Extremely low energy consumption – environmentally friendly, maintenance free
  • Extraneous light independent, self-calibrating, robust, mobile, compatible – broad application field

Compatible EnOcean® actuators

There are an infinite number of EnOcean® actuators in various designs (for example, flush-mounted), through which you can connect a wide variety of devices and consumers.

These include actuators from Picosens and other manufacturers such as Afriso, Eltako, PEHA, Permundo, Thermokon and more.

A list of all EnOcean® actuators that we have tested, including instructions for setting the function modes for learning the PicoDot and PicoVit, can be found here.

EltakoFSB61NP-230VControl for roller shutters, internal and external blindsFlush wall
EltakoFSR61/8-24V UCImpulse, relay switch (potential free)Flush wall
EltakoFSR61-230VImpulse, relay switch (potential free)Flush wall
EltakoFSR61NP-230VImpulse, relay switchFlush wall
EltakoFUA12-230VUniversal wireless actuatorDIN Rail
EltakoFUD61NPN-230VUniversal dimmer switchFlush wall
Jäger Direkt563.0101 channel bridge for lighting controlSwitch
PehaD 451 FU-EBI O.T.1 channel receiverFlush wall
PehaD 4511 FU-EBIM STMains socket adaptorMains Socket
ThermokonSTC-DO Blind 230 VReceiver for shutters and blindsFlush wall
ThermokonSTC-DO Light 230V2 channel receiverFlush wall
Trio2sys100200681 channel receiver 16ADIN Rail
Trio2sys100200691 channel receiver 10ADIN Rail
Trio2sys100200712 channel receiver 5ADIN Rail
Trio2sys10020092Receiver with remote control and timerDIN Rail

Window sticker for PicoVit

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Picosens_PicoVit_Annäherungsschalter_kabellos_Funkschalter_durch Glas_Innovativ_bühl_Forschung&Entwicklung