Would you like support in the rapid implementation of an innovation in your product?

We’ll help you reach your goal – from prototyping to final product development, our competent and experienced PicoEngineering team offers you a wide range of services:

  • Concept development in cooperation with the customer
  • Application-specific feasibility studies
  • Hardware and software development by a qualified team
  • Customer specific circuit and layout development
  • Electronic prototype construction
  • Professional prototyping via in-house SMD placement line
  • Construction and mechanical implementation with CNC machines
  • Fast production of functional prototypes via 3D printing
  • Climate and temperature tests
  • EMC tests
  • Special measuring instruments
  • Development of special function groups for individual component assemblies and entire products
  • Small batch production
  • Network of proven production partners for series products

Absolutely confidential

The services of PicoEngineering are customer specific and strictly confidential, tailored to suit your project.

Super fast

For us it is important that you receive your first functional samples in the shortest possible time. Because trend-setting decisions for your emerging product should be taken as early as possible.

Extremely flexible

Even your change requests in the middle of the project do not throw us off track. You are welcome to challenge our agile project management.

Property rights

If patent-relevant new ideas emerge during a project-related cooperation, you have the option of registering them exclusively for yourself.

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Own products

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