Your sustainable access to novel basic sensor technologies

The market today demands ever faster and ever more innovative products. The best employees of Picosens with the gift for scientific research and lateral thinking focus on developing the technologies of tomorrow. In other words, PicoSearch creates new basic technologies that have unprecedented properties, and thus create new benefits in countless application areas which enable previously untapped opportunities to be harvested.

The focus is in the fields of capacitive, inductive and optical sensors. We also deal with many other topics that challenge our drive to research.


The PicoSearch-Alliance

Enjoy the technology flat rate as a member of the PicoSearch-Alliance and benefit directly from the results of the fundamental research.

In order to make good innovations more widely available, we grant an exclusive membership to selected companies.

Members of the PicoSearch-Alliance are innovative, non-competing companies that promote future-centered research in order to win new innovations for their markets.

As a PicoSearch member

… you will be informed directly about our research results.

… we provide functional prototypes for the respective technologies.

… you receive exclusive and free technology workshops on topics of your choice.

… we advise you on difficult technical problems within our competency areas.

… and we also solve your problems – ask us!

The benefits of PicoSearch members at a glance:

  • Royalty rights to all existing and future basic patents, technologies and acquired know-how.
  • The use of existing know-how built up over many years and already existing competences while saving the cost of building your own research resources and infrastructure.
  • Elimination of time-consuming single license negotiations and license costs.
  • Financial risk minimization and planning through a recurring membership fee.
  • Included services such as training and initial feasibility studies related to the basic technology.
  • Possibility of supporting product developments up to series production from PicoEngineering.
  • The right to apply for application-specific patents based on PicoSearch foundation technologies for your own field of use.
  • Joint-determination and veto right in the admission of new members.

Inductive sensors

Non-destructive testing and identification of metals with unprecedented depth analysis – totally different and with outstanding results.


Capacitive sensors

Amongst others, developed for the automotive and shipping industry, which still work under salt water influence.


Optical sensors

Communication technologies and proximity sensors, whose extremely low power consumption will astonish you.

Technology demonstrations

Example 1

SICAT – Saltwater independent, capacitive sensor technology

High patent assignation rate

200 patents testify to the strong inventiveness and outstanding technical competence of our engineers.

Concentrated research force

An optimal environment with modern equipment enables creates ideal conditions  for creativity and lateral thinking.


Sustainable access

The innovative concept “PicoSearch” grants companies access to new technologies, allowing them to innovate according to the cycles and demands of the market.


Apply now and…

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