How we understand each other

  • Open to new ideas, creative, efficient and with enthusiasm at work.
  • We rely on perpetual learning, curiosity and fascination for new technologies and to make the most of our innovations and development potential.
  • We are team players and maintain a cooperative partnership with our customers, suppliers and business partners.
  • We think in a holistic and future-orientated way, do goal-oriented research and find novel solutions to technological challenges.

Our enthusiasm is contagious!

We are Picosens.

Optimal conditions

for innovation

Ideas need room for inspiration and creativity – space that is represented by our research building. The building, which has been awarded the “HUGO” architectural prize, offers an abundance of space for open communication and meetings. Our work spaces are bright, flooded with light and inviting, optimal for team work. The workstations are equipped with modern facilities and offer plenty of space for research, experimental and creative activities as well as enough peace and quiet for concentration.

The meeting rooms with open rural views provide an inspiring atmosphere and are ideal for creative meetings, project meetings, training and product presentations as well as a place for a quiet retreat.

  • Picosens_Gebaeude_Forschung&Entwicklung_Bühl_Innovation_Technologien_Erfindungen_PicoSearch_PicoEngineering
Picosens Gebäude

Modern equipment and access to a versatile infrastructure with modern equipment and a machine park support our hands-on mentality and dynamic experimental work.

Our terrace is ideally suited for a short mental break, and is popular at break times. Free fruit, water and coffee, small snacks and a coffee corner where you can meet for a quick exchange with your co-workers – a total feel good environment.

The beautiful natural surroundings are very inviting and encourage physical activity. An ideal setting for taking your mind off work for a bit and resting your brain while taking a walk during breaks.

We offer you the space for ideas, a place for meetings and an area for the exchange of ideas. Discover Picosens. 


Room for lateral thinkers

Look forward to an open, motivating environment in which innovative ideas can be generated and implemented. We support you and promote your professional and personal development.

Our goal is to be a reliable and long-term employer for our employees. Flat hierarchies, versatility in tasks, independent thinking and the contribution of own ideas are part of our daily lives. In addition, we offer flexibility based on our working time model. You can expect a modern and well-equipped working environment in which everyone can develop their talents in the best possible way and bring about each person’s best performance.

Picosens - Raum für Querdenker


Product Manager

Industrial engineer and / or business manager with proven experience in product management, excellent technical understanding, interest in market trends and for the transfer of innovations in applications.

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Sales Engineer

Industrial engineer and / or business manager with proven experience in sales and “field marketing”, a willingness to travel, a very good technical understanding and a very good international industry network for our products.

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Hardware engineer for the research of inductive and capacitive sensor systems

Bachelor or Master in Electrical Engineering, Telecommunications, Sensor System Technology, Mechatronics or similar. With professional experience in the development of sensor systems with a very good physical understanding in the field of sensors.

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Hardware engineer for research on pulse time delay based capacitive sensors

A degree in electrical engineering, communications engineering, sensor system technology or comparable. First work experience in the development of electronic hardware, a passion for research and curiosity, solution-oriented working method.

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Hardware engineer for product development

A degree in electrical engineering, communications engineering, sensor system technology or comparable. Attained first work experience in the development of electronic hardware, knowledge of the creation of schematics, solution-oriented work ethics and enjoy working.

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Work experience and project work

Trainee in product management and sales

Student in the field of industrial engineering and / or business administration with a technical background, interest in the transfer of technical innovations into fields of application and products as well as market trends and customer needs, enjoy working in a dynamic, highly innovative technical environment.

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Trainee in marketing with focus on media design

Student in the field of media design and / or marketing with good media design knowledge and creative ideas, the ability to create and implement complete concepts, a good sense for target group-oriented content and design, creativity and fun in formulating texts, independent and goal-oriented working ethic.

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Trainee in Software Development

Good knowledge in the development of dynamic websites, experience with microcontrollers or embedded systems, with the task of further developing an existing time recording system (clock in/clock out) and further developing the web user interface.

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Student for a traineeship

Studies in electrical engineering, sensor system technology, control engineering and have attained first experience in the field of sensor, actuator control circuits for the defined structure and construction for the thermal control of a climate chamber. Solution-oriented, independent working ethic and enjoyment from working in a highly dynamic, international environment.

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Great team and brilliant chances

“In order to be successful as a highly-technological company with a deep focus on research, we need employees who are open-minded about the future, enthusiastic about new ideas and technologies, and have the courage, even if it means wandering off the beaten path. ”

– Andreas Bodenmüller, Deputy Managing Director

Picosens Team Besprechung
Picosens : Mitarbeiter

Success story: Naser Khaliqyar – Chances with Picosens

Our story about Naser from Kabul / Afghanistan, who lives in Bühl today, is a real success story. Naser had no chance to finish his education due to the war in Afghanistan and came to Germany in 2016.

In November 2016, we were asked to give the young man, who has learned German very well within a very short time, a chance to complete an internship, and to complete his extra-occupational school in Rastatt.

After we got to know Naser, we quickly decided that we would like to support him. “That was an important step for me and I am very happy that it worked out,” says Naser today. Naser learned to carry out measurements, to carry out analysis of sample parts and to undertake smaller experimental setups. As Naser convinced us very quickly with his competent, friendly and open manner, we have now taken Naser on after his successfully completed occupational school and his internship with us.

“I appreciate Picosens very much, that I can contribute with my ideas and that I can develop like this.”

-Naser Khaliqyar, Laboratory Assistent-



Future ideas for today

Our passion for research and our pioneering spirit goes back to our founder Gerd Reime, who produced his first inventions during his apprenticeship. He started as an apprentice at Grundig, his ingenuity was quickly recognized by company founder Max Grundig. In gratitude for a significant improvement in video recorders, he had him trained as a “lateral thinker and inventor” in various disciplines.

After the death of Max Grundig Gerd Reime moved to the company Nokia, who had just entered the entertainment industry. One of his then outstanding inventions (ASO) brought the video recorders, with which Nokia broke new ground with at that time, in terms of image quality to the best in the world within two years.

During the early era of mobile phones, he led the R & D department for Advanced Products and explored future technologies with his team. Despite many offers to switch to the research areas of well-known companies, Gerd Reime ventured in 1994 into self-employment. With the invention of the HALIOS technology (automotive rain sensor), the foundation was laid for the later founding of the Picosens.

For many years he has motivated, supported and encouraged young and talented employees to think laterally and to invent. The success of this can be seen in our new technologies and unusual products.

picosens - Geschäftsführer Gerd Reime

Important technology milestones

2018PicoSearch - Foundation of the PicoSearch research facility
2017PicoControls - Start of product development for various optical sensor & actuator products
2016 - 2018Customer projects and start of cooperation for various inductive, capacitive and optical sensor systems
2015New company building - company expansion and construction of a new company building
2014 - 2017QFR-Technology - Research start of Quantum-Physical Solid-State Cryptography
2001 - 2013INFAN, TFS, OPTO-ID, AIS - research, development and patenting of various sensor systems
2007 Foundation of the Picosens GmbH
1995 - 2005Automotive Rain Sensor - Development, patenting and marketing of the Automotive Rain Sensor


Where we are

At the foothills of the Black Forest, in a scenic rural setting, our headquarters are located in the Bühler Bußmatten.

Bühl is conveniently located less than 5 minutes from the A5 freeway. It is about 40 km away from Karlsruhe, 100 km from Stuttgart and 180 km from Frankfurt.

The regional airport Karlsruhe / Baden can be reached in 15 minutes. Here you have direct connections to Berlin, London, Lisbon, Porto, Barcelona. Strasbourg airport is 30 minutes away and can be reached by both the German or French motorways.

The nearest ICE train station is in Baden-Baden, which is about 10 minutes away by car from our location.